Synonyms Dictionary 2.0 for Windows 10


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Do not like to repeat myself? Are you missing words? This program is for you! This application is a great dictionary of synonyms. The program is based on more than 36 000 words. Convenient interface and easy operation make it easy to find what you want synonym. This program helps you in editing texts, writing essays and reviews. It is not aid assessed in school and at work. This is the second version of the program. In relation to the first views of this application has been made a number of significant changes. This significantly speeds up the most important search words! The program can quickly find the desired phrase without consuming unnecessary resources. Changed bit is an application interface, and added the ability to set the size, type, and color as well as color-changing applications. This option would definitely be useful for people with limited vision. Added context menu appears that lets you copy words. However, a quick service applications provide intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Enrich your vocabulary - download Thesaurus!